BuzzAngle Music provides the latest technology to produce industry-leading music charts. Never before have music industry professionals and music lovers been able to select and create the ranking charts that are most pertinent to them.

Benefits of the BuzzAngle Music Charts
– Daily Updates: you can view both previous weeks as well as the current week, which is updated each day!
– Comprehensive Data: all of the industry leading retailers and service providers of music sales (both physical and digital) and music streaming
– Deep Filters: Choose among six filters which allow you to produce over 250,000 charts each time-period!

Dynamic Charts BuzzAngle Music’s dynamic charts provide the following number of filter selections and unique charts:
Filter Album Chart Song Chart Artist Chart
Genre All + 31 genres All + 31 genres n/a
Geography U.S. + 28 cities U.S. + 28 cities U.S. + 28 cities
Consumption Type Total + 7 breakdowns Total + 7 breakdowns 15 breakdowns
Release Period All + 5 breakdowns All + 5 breakdowns All + 5 breakdowns
Outlet Type All + 4 breakdowns n/a n/a
Total Unique Charts 222,720 38,976 2,610

So there are over 250,000 unique charts that can be produced each week or week-to-date period!

Music Data Reporting
For retailers that sell or distribute physical music (CDs/LPs/DVDs), digital music downloads, concert tickets and music merchandise and service providers that operate digital music streaming and radio services, we are eager to give you a state-of-the-art platform to have your music transactions counted in the industry’s leading reporting and analytics service. E-mail us for more information –

Chart Syndication
If you are a publisher or media outlet and are interested in syndicating the BuzzAngle Music Charts please contact us.

With hundreds of thousands of charts being produced and updated on a daily basis, we realize that there may be situations where some of the metadata information is inaccurate, such as the title name, artist, image, release date, label, distributor. If you would like to contact us to improve our metadata, please contact us.

To learn more about the methodology used to produce the BuzzAngle Music charts, please see Methodology.

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