BuzzAngle Music will provide a comprehensive view of total music consumption

Advanced Architecture

Our architecture allows the complete access of every single music consumption transaction in its finest detail.


Timely Data Reporting

Daily consumption data provides the best analysis possible.


Extensive Filtering

A filtering system that allows trillions of combinations gives you the deepest analysis and reports possible.


News and Articles

BuzzAngle Music 2019 Report on U.S. Music Consumption

January 9th 2020. at 1PM

Happy New Year and welcome to the BuzzAngle Music 2019 report on U.S. music consumption! This year’s report is once again packed with data and insights covering all forms of consumption for 2019 as well as for the end of another decade. Buzz Lightyear was famous for saying “to infinity and beyond.” BuzzAngle can now say “to a Trillion and…

BuzzAngle Music 2018 Report on Music Consumption

January 3rd 2019. at 2PM

UPDATED Tuesday 1/8/19 12PM ET to include full set of updated charts. Welcome to BuzzAngle Music’s 2018 report on U.S. music consumption. For the second year in a row, overall consumption growth was up double-digits. 2018 total consumption showed a 16.2% increase over 2017, which we showed last year to be up 12.8% over 2016. On-demand audio stream consumption continued…

BuzzAngle Music 2017 Year-End U.S. and Canada Reports

January 3rd 2018. at 4PM

BuzzAngle Music 2017 Year-End Reports Welcome to BuzzAngle Music’s 2017 reports on U.S. and Canada music consumption. In the U.S., there was a significant increase in overall consumption, an outstanding 12.8% over 2016 that marks the third year in a row with increasing growth. Audio stream consumption continued its explosive expansion with a 50.3% increase to 377B streams, an amazing…