Super Bowl 2015 Artist Analytics – It’s All About Daily Data

February 3rd
Super Bowl 2015 provided some great excitement both in the game and in the half-time musical performances. We at Border City Media with our BuzzAngle Music service are in a unique position to measure the true impact that a Super Bowl performance has on an artist’s total consumption (album sales, song sales, song streams). This will be the first post of many this year that will showcase the deep capabilities of our BuzzAngle Music service. First and foremost, it is all about daily data measurement. In order to truly analyze the impact of any event, whether a Super Bowl performance, a in-person appearance on TV, a concert, a song placement in a commercial or a controversial Tweet, you need to be able to view the daily results. The music industry has suffered long enough relying on services that rely on weekly data in a system that doesn’t integrate total consumption throughout the platform. With that as a backdrop, let’s look at the results.

The following graphs show the daily trend lines starting seven days before the Super Bowl and ending seven days after. We’ve included 2014 data for Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as 2015 data for Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot. These graphs highlight album sales, song sales, song streams (on-demand audio and video) and total weighted consumption (a total consumption number that uses weighted equivalents – 10 Song Sales = 1 Album Sale and 150 On-Demand Streams = 1 Song Sale).

We will continue to add daily data for the 2015 performers so be sure to check back to see the continued uplift.

Katy Perry didn’t have the same raw unit album sales growth as did Bruno Mars but she did have a much greater percentage increase.

Missy Elliott is the big winner here, a tremendous jump in song downloads.

You will notice something interesting here, the sales of albums or songs as a result of the increased visibility for an artist peak on Super Bowl Sunday itself, but streaming peaks the day after. Katy Perry showed an increase in song streams prior to the Super Bowl, more so than Bruno Mars did last year, but they both showed a similar peak. Missy Elliott also showed strong growth.

Katy Perry and Missy Elliott both had very strong growth in total weighted consumption.

The following table shows the uplift % by performer for each of the music consumption types.

2015 Super Bowl Uplift
Super Bowl Halftime Performer  Super Bowl Monday
Katy Perry
     Album Sales 1587.2% 797.1%
     Song Sales 630.8% 537.8%
     Streams 149.5% 173.6%
     Project 624.2% 421.6%
Lenny Kravitz
     Album Sales 1121.2% 597.6%
     Song Sales 693.4% 408.0%
     Streams 309.5% 298.9%
     Project 771.2% 456.9%
Missy Elliott
     Album Sales 9606.9% 15933.2%
     Song Sales 6780.1% 10638.3%
     Streams 383.8% 1052.8%
     Project 3681.9% 6086.5%
2014 Super Bowl Uplift
Super Bowl Halftime Performer  Super Bowl Monday
Bruno Mars
     Album Sales 1089.9% 894.8%
     Song Sales 739.8% 557.6%
     Streams 188.0% 288.2%
     Project 946.7% 781.1%
Red Hot Chili Peppers
     Album Sales 658.9% 453.5%
     Song Sales 649.5% 483.7%
     Streams 137.9% 187.5%
     Project 696.2% 531.7%

Note: The uplift percentages are calculated using a forecasting method that takes into account the previous two weeks of activity (not counting Super Bowl week) to arrive at forecasted number. The actual Super Bowl Sunday results are compared to that forecasted number to produce the uplift percentage. Regardless of the forecasting methods used, the visuals speak for themselves.

Additional Tidbits

– Album consumption (project) for Katy Perry’s “Prism” more than doubled its activity during Christmas week and exceeded Thanksgiving week activity by 77%.

– With the Super Bowl having the most impact on just one day of sales, combined album consumption of the standard and deluxe versions of KP’s “Teenage Dream” for the week that closed Sunday was more than tripled the activity registered during Christmas and Thanksgiving combined. Likewise, activity on her 2008 album “One of the Boys” for Super Bowl week was almost double that of Christmas and Thanksgiving weeks combined.

– Super Bowl week consumption for Lenny Kravitz’s newest album, “Strut,” surpassed its biggest week of the holiday selling season and almost tripled activity during Christmas week.

– Total consumption of Kravitz’s “Greatest Hits” on Super Bowl week surpassed total consumption from Thanksgiving through Christmas by 57%, four times greater than the activity in any of those weeks.