October 25th
HITS, the leading music-industry trade publication, has partnered with BUZZANGLE MUSIC, the newest and most cutting-edge way to track music consumption, to power its charts.

“BuzzAngle has become the go-to source for reliable, thorough, up-to-the-moment data on music transactions,” says HITS and HITSDailyDouble.com Editor in Chief Lenny Beer. “The industry people I know who are most focused on data are obsessed with it. It was a no-brainer to work with the BuzzAngle team on charts reflecting the radical changes underway in the business.”

HITS will use the BUZZANGLE data for the Album Charts as well for the HITS’ Streaming Songs and Revenue charts and will be a vital component of other charts in the future. By integrating BUZZANGLE data into its projected charts, HITS will further solidify its position as the leading forecaster in the industry.

The music industry is quickly embracing BuzzAngle as its primary data service for analyzing music consumption, due to the service’s forward-looking technology. BuzzAngle is the only platform that allows users to create individualized reports on a daily basis, and in multiple countries. BuzzAngle methodology allows for more than 10 trillion combinations of individualized reports for albums, songs, artists, labels and distributors.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with HITS Magazine, as they have proven to be the leading and most focused publication in the music industry. We look forward to being able to combine the power of the BuzzAngle Music data with the expert analysis provided by HITS,” says Jim Lidestri, CEO of Border City Media, the creators of BuzzAngle Music.

BuzzAngle has been the leading innovator in music consumption analytics by being the first to offer daily updates; the first to develop a global platform; the first to develop a dashboard-driven system; the first to show streaming data at a market level; and the first to show both major and independent label and distributor market share based on total consumption as well as separately by streaming.

Music consumption, measured by streaming and multiple sales configurations, has become increasingly complicated to track, but BuzzAngle Music provides the tools that deliver meaningful information that the music industry needs immediately. BuzzAngle’s platform provides countless sorting options, such as daily album and song sales, streaming activity, and radio airplay, all of which can be broken out market by market; Determinations on marketing, promotion and live concert tours can be made based on the driving forces of consumption; label promotion staff and station program directors can determine which songs are truly taking hold in a particular market; A&R departments rely heavily on BuzzAngle Music data to identify emerging artists.

Since its official launch in May 2016, BuzzAngle Music has given users in the U.S., Canada and the Christian markets a single platform to measure album sales, song sales, audio streams, video streams and airplay, while also showcasing video streaming data from the U.K., France, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

About Hits
HITS and its website, HitsDailyDouble, are the music industry’s most widely read trade publications, with news, analysis, interviews, charts, animated cartoons and more tracking noteworthy developments in the biz—for insiders, by insiders. Top decision-makers flock to the site every day, and HITS eblasts enjoy the highest open rate in the field. The forward-looking and irreverent print magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary in September with a lavish special issue.

About Border City Media/BuzzAngle Music
Border City Media is a New York-based music technology company that has developed a unique set of services that radically change the way businesses analyze entertainment consumption and related trends. BuzzAngle Music is the first in a series of Border City Media services. BuzzAngle Music’s new charts and analytics offer data at a much more granular level and in a much timelier manner than the most commonly used measurement of sales and streaming available up to this point, leading to an ability to produce over 250,000 unique charts daily in both the United States and Canada.

Border City Media was founded by Jim Lidestri, previously President and Chief Executive Officer of Interliant, Inc. one of the industry’s first application service providers.

Twitter: @buzzanglemusic

For more information, please visit http://www.buzzanglemusic.com.


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