How to Use the BuzzAngle Music Charts

Over 250,000 unique charts can be produced using the BuzzAngle Music chart filters. Here is an overview of the specific functionality:

The dynamic charts use six different filters:

Timeframe – to select between the Week-to-Date chart (which updates daily) and the previous weeks.
Genre – to select among 32 genre options
Geography – to select among 29 cities/market areas
Consumption Type – to select the specific type of consumption breakdown desired (album, song and stream options)
Release Period – to select the release period (age) of the releases desired
Outlet Type – to select the specific type of outlet where the music is sold (Album Sales only)

See the bottom of the page for the listing of the specific filter options.

Operating the Dynamic Charts

– The charts display a minimum of the Top 500 titles for each selected set of filters, if there are that many titles/artists that meet the criteria for the selected filters.

– Clicking on a title within the album or song charts will display additional information about that title, such as the label, distributor, release date, genre detail and ranks.

– The chart will display initially for the default filter settings. You can select your desired custom filters and once done, click on the “Update Chart” button.

– If you select some filters and want to revert back to the default filter settings, you can click on the “Reset All” link on the bottom right of the filters.

– When on a chart, you can search for specific artists, labels and distributors by clicking on the search button on the top right of the filters and entering the name then clicking go. All titles or artists that meet the search criteria will be returned with the respective ranking.