BuzzAngle Music Web API (BETA)

Our Web API lets your applications fetch data from the BuzzAngle Music reporting and analytics service. Our Web API endpoints return music consumption data in JSON format about artists, albums and songs. The consumption data includes ranks and transaction data for album sales (including breakdowns for digital album sales, physical/CD/Vinyl album sales), song sales, song streams (including breakdowns for audio streams, video streams and programmed streams), airplay spins and Shazams. NOTE: The BuzzAngle Music Web API is in Beta and as such, the functionality and documentation are limited. Please e-mail with any questions.  

About the BuzzAngle Music Web API

Through the BuzzAngle Music Web API your applications can retrieve and manage BuzzAngle Music data. The BuzzAngle Music Web API requires authorization and the request sent by the application must include a valid api key.  


The BuzzAngle Music Web API is based on REST principles: data resources are accessed via standard HTTPS requests in UTF-8 format to an API endpoint. Where possible, the API strives to use appropriate HTTP verbs for each action.


All data is received as a JSON object.

Consumption Terms

Album Project Album measurement that combines album sales, song sales and song audio streams. Album Project = Album Sales + (Song Sales/10) + (On-demand Audio Streams/1500)
Album Sales Retail sales of albums, both physical sales and digital sales. Physical sales are further broken down into CD sales, vinyl sales and cassette sales.
Song Project Song measurement that combines song sales and song audio streams. Song Project = Song Sales + (On-demand Audio Streams/150)
Song Sales Song sales from digital retailers (Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.)
On-Demand Audio Streams Song stream counts from on-demand audio digital service providers (Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, etc.)
On-Demand Video Streams Song stream counts from on-demand video digital service providers (YouTube, Vevo, Apple)
Programmed Streams Song stream counts from programmed audio digital service providers (Slacker, etc.); Too small to be useful for analysis
Tethered Streams Ignore
Airplay Terrestrial airplay spins from over-the-air radio stations
Shazams The number of times a song has been tagged in the Shazam mobile app

Statistics Terms

Change % Change or Unit Change from previous period to this period
Index Normalized measure of the units for the specified title or artist in this market compared to the average units for all titles or artists in that market. 100 is the base average, e.g. 120 would represent that the title or artist is ‘over-indexing’ in this market by 20%; values less than 100 would indicate the title or artist is ‘under-indexing’ in that market.
Last or Last Period Raw units from the previous period (previous week)
Rank Rank for the title or artist compared to all titles or artists.
Rank Last Previous period rank for the title or artist compared to all titles or artists.
Rank Change Rank Change from previous period to this period

Airplay Daypart Definitions

Airplay Daypart 1 Midnight-6am
Airplay Daypart 2 6am-10am
Airplay Daypart 3 10am-3pm
Airplay Daypart 4 3pm-7pm
Airplay Daypart 5 7pm-Midnight

Get Artist Market Breakdown

Get BuzzAngle Music information for one artist during one week for each of BuzzAngle’s 211 market areas. All album & song activity for that artist are aggregated to determine the total artist activity. Tracking weeks within the music industry start on Friday and end on Thursday. The API will return the aggregated data for the entire seven-day period that is selected.



Request Parameters

api key The authorized API key
artist id The BuzzAngle Music ID of the artist
date The week desired, starting Friday ending Thursday. Use any single day of that week to select.


$ curl -X GET "{apikey}&artist_id=20931&startdate=10/02/2017"
{"data_date":"09/29/2017","artist_id":20931,"DATA":[{"shazam_tags_chg":-1.47,"album_lp":11.00,"song_sales":1845.00,"album_lp_rank_chg":-15.00,"album_sales_index":89.00,"album_cs":0.00,"airplay_rank":20.00,"ov_streams_rank_chg":0.00,"song_project_chg":-10.45,"album_digital_last":24.00,"t_streams":1271730.00,"album_physical_rank":353.00,"airplay_chg":60.00,"airplay_last":366.00,"album_physical_last":25.00,"t_streams_index":0.00,"song_sales_rank_last":12.00,"p_streams_chg":0.00,"song_project":10323.00,"album_digital_chg":-4.17,"album_cd_last":13.00,"oa_streams_rank_chg":-3.00,"song_sales_chg":-10.26,"album_digital_rank_last":290.00,"album_cd":12.00,"album_lp_rank_last":168.00,"album_cd_rank_chg":-45.00,"oa_streams_rank":25.00,"album_lp_chg":-8.33,"p_streams_rank_last":0.00,"shazam_tags":3614.00,"album_digital_index":93.00,"market_name":"Los Angeles, CA","oa_streams_rank_last":22.00,"album_cs_index":0.00,"currentRow":1.00,"ov_streams":0.00,"album_physical_rank_last":320.00,"oa_streams_chg":-10.49,"album_digital_rank":330.00,"album_lp_last":12.00,"song_sales_index":99.00,"shazam_tags_rank":13.00,"ov_streams_index":0.00,"album_project_rank":30.00,"t_streams_rank_chg":-3.00,"album_cs_rank_last":0.00,"song_sales_rank_chg":-7.00,"album_physical":23.00,"album_project_rank_chg":-1.00,"song_sales_rank":19.00,"song_project_rank_chg":-1.00,"album_project_index":125.00,"shazam_tags_last":3668.00,"t_streams_rank_last":22.00,"album_cd_index":64.00,"airplay_rank_chg":6.00,"album_cs_rank":0.00,"album_cs_chg":0.00,"p_streams_rank_chg":0.00,"song_project_rank":20.00,"album_cs_last":0.00,"song_project_last":11528.00,"album_sales":46.00,"ov_streams_rank":0.00,"album_project_last":1202.00,"oa_streams_index":132.00,"album_cs_rank_chg":0.00,"album_physical_chg":-8.00,"t_streams_chg":-10.49,"p_streams_index":0.00,"p_streams_last":0.00,"album_cd_chg":-7.69,"airplay_rank_last":26.00,"album_cd_rank":502.00,"song_project_index":124.00,"album_lp_index":108.00,"album_sales_rank_last":311.00,"album_cd_rank_last":457.00,"album_digital_rank_chg":-40.00,"p_streams":0.00,"oa_streams_last":1420738.00,"t_streams_rank":25.00,"album_sales_rank":338.00,"song_sales_last":2056.00,"album_digital":23.00,"album_sales_last":49.00,"album_sales_chg":-6.12,"shazam_tags_rank_last":10.00,"album_project_chg":-10.32,"airplay_index":111.00,"t_streams_last":1420738.00,"album_lp_rank":183.00,"song_project_rank_last":19.00,"album_project_rank_last":29.00,"ov_streams_rank_last":0.00,"shazam_tags_rank_chg":-3.00,"album_physical_index":88.00,"shazam_tags_index":0.00,"ov_streams_chg":0.00,"album_sales_rank_chg":-27.00,"p_streams_rank":0.00,"album_project":1078.00,"airplay":426.00,"oa_streams":1271730.00,"ov_streams_last":0.00,"album_physical_rank_chg":-33.00},
...other markets...]}

GetArtistDataByMarket Object

market_name Market Area Name
album_project Album Project This Period
album_project_last Album Project Last Period
album_project_chg Album Project % Change
album_project_index Album Project Index
album_project_rank Album Project Rank
album_project_rank_last Album Project Rank Last Period
album_project_rank_chg Album Project Rank Change
album_sales Album Sales This Period
album_sales_last Album Sales Last Period
album_sales_chg Album Sales % Change
album_sales_index Album Sales Index
album_sales_rank Album Sales Rank
album_sales_rank_last Album Sales Rank Last Period
album_sales_rank_chg Album Sales Rank Change
album_physical Album Physical Sales This Period
album_physical_last Album Physical Sales Last Period
album_physical_chg Album Physical Sales % Change
album_physical_index Album Physical Sales Index
album_physical_rank Album Physical Sales Rank
album_physical_rank_last Album Physical Sales Rank Last Period
album_physical_rank_chg Album Physical Sales Rank Change
album_cd Album CD Sales This Period
album_cd_last Album CD Sales Last Period
album_cd_chg Album CD Sales % Change
album_cd_index Album CD Sales Index
album_cd_rank Album CD Sales Rank
album_cd_rank_last Album CD Sales Rank Last Period
album_cd_rank_chg Album CD Sales Rank Change
album_lp Album Vinyl Sales This Period
album_lp_last Album Vinyl Sales Last Period
album_lp_chg Album Vinyl Sales % Change
album_lp_index Album Vinyl Sales Index
album_lp_rank Album Vinyl Sales Rank
album_lp_rank_last Album Vinyl Sales Rank Last Period
album_lp_rank_chg Album Vinyl Sales Rank Change
album_cs Album Cassette Sales This Period
album_cs_last Album Cassette Song Sales Last Period
album_cs_chg Album Cassette Sales % Change
album_cs_index Album Cassette Sales Index
album_cs_rank Album Cassette Sales Rank
album_cs_rank_last Album Cassette Sales Rank Last Period
album_cs_rank_chg Album Cassette Sales Rank Change
album_digital Album Digital Sales This Period
album_digital_last Album Digital Sales Last Period
album_digital_chg Album Digital Sales % Change
album_digital_index Album Digital Sales Index
album_digital_rank Album Digital Sales Rank
album_digital_rank_last Album Digital Sales Rank Last Period
album_digital_rank_chg Album Digital Sales Rank Change
song_project Song Project This Period
song_project_chg Song Project % Change
song_project_last Song Project Last Period
song_project_index Song Project Index
song_project_rank Song Project Rank
song_project_rank_last Song Project Rank Last Period
song_project_rank_chg Song Project Rank Change
song_sales Song Sales This Period
song_sales_last Song Sales Last Period
song_sales_chg Song Sales % Change
song_sales_index Song Sales Index
song_sales_rank Song Sales Rank
song_sales_rank_last Song Sales Rank Last Period
song_sales_rank_chg Song Sales Rank Change
oa_streams On-Demand Audio Streams This Period
oa_streams_last On-Demand Audio Streams Last Period
oa_streams_chg On-Demand Audio Streams % Change
oa_streams_index On-Demand Audio Streams Index
oa_streams_rank On-Demand Audio Streams Rank
oa_streams_rank_last On-Demand Audio Streams Rank Last Period
oa_streams_rank_chg On-Demand Audio Streams Rank Change
ov_streams On-Demand Video Streams This Period
ov_streams_last On-Demand Video Streams Last Period
ov_streams_chg On-Demand Video Streams % Change
ov_streams_index On-Demand Video Streams Index
ov_streams_rank On-Demand Video Streams Rank
ov_streams_rank_last On-Demand Video Streams Rank Last Period
ov_streams_rank_chg On-Demand Video Streams Rank Change
p_streams Programmed Streams This Period
p_streams_last Programmed Streams Last Period
p_streams_chg Programmed Streams % Change
p_streams_index Programmed Streams Index
p_streams_rank Programmed Streams Rank
p_streams_rank_last Programmed Streams Rank Last Period
p_streams_rank_chg Programmed Streams Rank Change
t_streams Tethered Streams This Period
t_streams_last Tethered Streams Last Period
t_streams_chg Tethered Streams % Change
t_streams_index Tethered Streams Index
t_streams_rank Tethered Streams Rank
t_streams_rank_last Tethered Streams Rank Last Period
t_streams_rank_chg Tethered Streams Rank Change
shazam_tags Shazams This Period
shazam_tags_last Shazams Last Period
shazam_tags_chg Shazams Unit Change
shazam_tags_index Shazams Index
shazam_tags_rank Shazams Rank
shazam_tags_rank_last Shazams Rank Last Period
shazam_tags_rank_chg Shazams Rank Change
airplay Airplay This Period
airplay_last Airplay Last Period
airplay_chg Airplay Unit Change
airplay_index Airplay Index
airplay_rank Airplay Rank
airplay_rank_last Airplay Rank Last Period
airplay_rank_chg Airplay Rank Change
airplay_dp1 Airplay Daypart 1 This Period
airplay_dp1_last Airplay Daypart 1 Last Period
airplay_dp1_chg Airplay Daypart 1 Unit Change
airplay_dp1_index Airplay Daypart 1 Index
airplay_dp1_rank Airplay Daypart 1 Rank
airplay_dp1_rank_last Airplay Daypart 1 Rank Last Period
airplay_dp1_rank_chg Airplay Daypart 1 Rank Change
airplay_dp2 Airplay Daypart 2 This Period
airplay_dp2_last Airplay Daypart 2 Last Period
airplay_dp2_chg Airplay Daypart 2 Unit Change
airplay_dp2_index Airplay Daypart 2 Index
airplay_dp2_rank Airplay Daypart 2 Rank
airplay_dp2_rank_last Airplay Daypart 2 Rank Last Period
airplay_dp2_rank_chg Airplay Daypart 2 Rank Change
airplay_dp3 Airplay Daypart 3 This Period
airplay_dp3_last Airplay Daypart 3 Last Period
airplay_dp3_chg Airplay Daypart 3 Unit Change
airplay_dp3_index Airplay Daypart 3 Index
airplay_dp3_rank Airplay Daypart 3 Rank
airplay_dp3_rank_last Airplay Daypart 3 Rank Last Period
airplay_dp3_rank_chg Airplay Daypart 3 Rank Change
airplay_dp4 Airplay Daypart 4 This Period
airplay_dp4_last Airplay Daypart 4 Last Period
airplay_dp4_chg Airplay Daypart 4 Unit Change
airplay_dp4_index Airplay Daypart 4 Index
airplay_dp4_rank Airplay Daypart 4 Rank
airplay_dp4_rank_last Airplay Daypart 4 Rank Last Period
airplay_dp4_rank_chg Airplay Daypart 4 Rank Change
airplay_dp5 Airplay Daypart 5 This Period
airplay_dp5_last Airplay Daypart 5 Last Period
airplay_dp5_chg Airplay Daypart 5 Unit Change
airplay_dp5_index Airplay Daypart 5 Index
airplay_dp5_rank Airplay Daypart 5 Rank
airplay_dp5_rank_last Airplay Daypart 5 Rank Last Period
airplay_dp5_rank_chg Airplay Daypart 5 Rank Change